Craft breweries and distilleries have unique challenges when it comes to providing employee benefits and insurance. Craft business benefits was founded to solve these problems with innovative solutions.


Cashflow is tight, low and stable premiums are key. We ensure premiums are as low as possible, and provide rate guarantees to ensure premiums don't rise faster than your cashflow.

Employee and Family Assistance Plans included in all programs. Employee Assistance plans offer a wealth of services to employees including substance abuse and additions counselling. We've all had one to many from time to time, but when drink becomes a problem, we are here to offer support to employees who might need it. Managers and owners are provided access to HR and Legal Professionals free of charge for assistance with difficult employee situations.

Additional Accident Insurance is provided to protect employees injured on the job. Burns, Caustic and spinning machinery can seriously injure an employee. Our plans ensure they are compensated well for serious injury, on the job and off.

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Head Brewers, Top Sales Persons and Business Partners are irreplaceable. In event of a death or disability your business would suffer from their loss. We can protect against their loss using affordable insurance policies that benefit the business.

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Key Employees like Head Brewers and Top Sales Persons are crucial to the ongoing brand and product your company puts out. If a key employer left you for a competitor they take with them the time and expense of hiring and training a replacement, as well as a possible loss of quality in your products till you can find a suitable replacement.

Retention can be increased by providing deferred compensation or "Golden Handcuffs" to keep employees on board. Deferred Profit Sharing Plans allow you to reward an employee with profit sharing, without costly or confusing Stock Options or diluting your ownership.

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Breweries are very capital intensive, bank loans are all but mandatory. Frequently creditors will require a Life Insurance policy on the Principle owners of the business to pay off a loan in the event of death. We can provide low cost, tax deductible life insurance for owners.

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SINCE 2006

Robert Reynolds, Founder of Craft Business Benefits, has been providing employee benefit plans to diverse employers across BC and Canada since 2006. Rob is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Group Benefits Advisor (GBA) and Certified BJCP Judge and beer nerd.

Through Robs passion for craft beer and home brewing he had made connections with breweries and distilleries across BC. These connections have given Rob a special understanding of the unique challenges that Craft Breweries and distilleries face in BC. He thought he could do it better so founded Craft Business Benefits as a boutique firm specializing in insurance solutions for the Craft Alcohol industry in BC.


Robert Reynolds, CFP, GBA
Founder / Certified BJCP Judge
Phone: 250-592-4694
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